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The “right” swipe

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Kevin and Hannah both were working all day over the summer of 2016, which left them with not much time at all to hit the town and meet people. So they turned to a dating app just to see what was going on. Hannah was not completely committed to meeting anyone, but was only casually seeing who might be out there. Kevin, on the other hand was looking for someone to start a friendship that could blossom into a relationship. Kevin was the first to send a message and figured a cheesy pickup line would be a perfect first message. “Is your hand heavy? I can hold it for you!” When Hannah first saw the message she thought it was too cheesy and didn’t respond. Until a few nights later, while Hannah was bored, she decided to respond. The two clicked instantly. After a couple weeks of chatting the two decided to meet in person. Kevin planned the date. The plan was to meet for an afternoon visit to The City Museum followed by a late lunch at Charlie Gitto’s Italian Restaurant. While on the date, the two were having such a good time, that by the end, they were not ready for the date to end. The two decided to catch a movie, the remake of Ghost Busters. When the movie ended, the date was topped off with a kiss. After that the two continued dating.

On May 4th, 2017, Kevin took Hannah for a fancy dinner at Cooper’s Hawk Winery and Restaurant. During the dinner Kevin was all nervous and fidgety, until dessert was served. That’s when Kevin got down on one knee and asked for Hannah’s hand in marriage. With tears welling in her eyes, Hannah said yes! .  #SMITTENFORSWENSON

What does Kevin love about Hannah? Her personality, she is bright and bubbly. It makes Kevin feel like no matter what he is going through Hannah will cheer him up. Kevin also loves that he can talk about anything Hannah. His other favorites are she is funny, they can be a team during the tough times and the good times and he likes that she makes him a better person.

What does Hannah Love about Kevin? Kevin knows exactly what to do when is not at 100%, whether it is making a silly face, and a bunch of hugs and kisses he knows how to turn that frown upside down. She loves that no matter how hard times get she doesn’t have to go through it alone. Her other favorite things are that she will always have her best friend and partner in crime by her side to enjoy and celebrate life together.

What about he Proposal?  Hannah is not one for surprises so she went with Kevin to the ring store to look at engagement fingers. They both fell in love with one and knew that they wanted to wait to make it official.  They bought the ring in February 2017, got engaged May 4th 2017. Kevin made a hint at Hannah to have nails done by the end of the week. He also told her that they were going to dinner at Cooper’s Hawk. Once they sat down and were enjoying themselves Kevin became fidgety and Hannah knew exactly what was going to happen. Kevin got down one knee in front of everyone and asked Hannah to spend the rest of her life with him. Happy tears started as everyone started cheering. It was a fun and special moment for the both of them.

Every wedding has its own special and unique touches to it that make it memorable. Hannah and Kevin’s day was nothing short of that.  With Ceremony and Reception both being held at St. Louis Union Station, their colors included shades of pinks, purples, shades of orange, green. The theme was really fun and colorful, very summery feeling, with accents of watercolor brushstrokes in unexpected places.


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