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Above and Beyond…Always!

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It seems we have all have been to a wedding where we have witnessed some (ahem) unsavory behavior from people that were hired to DJ their once-in-a-lifetime event.  I know I have been to many!  From just basic unprofessional behavior, like showing up late, showing up with a boombox as their “set-up” (I am not kidding!), wearing clothes that looked like they slept in, and having an “I am just here to play music…” attitude, not lifting a finger to keep the event organized and running smoothly.  These are all reasons why everyone at Applause is committed to providing service that exceeds your expectations!

In order to achieve your utmost satisfaction, we take time coordinating much of the event in advance, so you can have that stress-free day you have been dreaming about!  From keeping your timeline running along to keeping your guests on the dance floor and having a blast, we will be at your side from start to finish!

Every DJ package includes a professional, awesome sound system in amazing condition, fun and exciting dance floor lighting, a separate wireless microphone for those toasting or speaking so the DJ can MC and keep the flow by announcing what is next, and of course, an Applause DJ who has gone through extensive training to ensure they know just what it takes to play the right music, at the right times, to make your party a smashing success! We choose the best folks for our growing staff and they represent Applause with integrity!

What is the best playlist for your party? Honestly, there is no “One-Size-Fits-All” answer. Every party is as unique as the guests in attendance. A DJ can always use a few suggested songs from you as a guide, and from there, our DJ’s “secret weapons” are talent and experience when it comes to getting a dance floor popping. Even parties that end up having similar playlists won’t have the songs played in the same order or at the same times because each crowd has a different ebb and flow to their energy.  Starting off with classic crowd favorites can mean getting the older generation on the dance floor early on, since they are typically the first to go home from the event.  Transitioning through a few different genres can really give a DJ the feel for what the crowd is into the most.  You might hear Disco, 80s, 90s, Country, Classic Rock, or Hip Hop until our DJ hits what brings up the energy of your guests. And then good dose of new hits will pack the dance floor, as well as a sprinkling of romantic slow dances. Of course, the easiest way to know what will really bring your guests out on the dance floor is by taking requests!  Finding out directly from the crowd what song they’re dying to “bust a move” to is a sure fire way to get them up on their feet.​

As with all of our clients, we will have you fill out a survey in our client portal prior to your event. This gives us information to create a DJ agenda and a script to use for your event.  We want your day to be perfect, and this information ensures that the execution of your timeline will be as seamless as possible.  Some of the information we ask for are what your song choices are for all of the ceremonial aspects of your reception, like the Grand Entry and Specialty Dances.  We also like to have a list of songs you would like us to play as well as those songs you just couldn’t bear to hear on your special day! We don’t ask you to make a list of every song for the entire party…that is what you hired us and trust us to do!  Our DJs know how to read the crowd and adjust the playlist according to their response and energy.

We know you have choices when planning your Special Day.  You have meticulously planned every detail for months, and possibly years!   You have already bought that stunning wedding gown, the tux has been found, the venue has been procured, each flower for the bridal bouquet has been chosen, the wedding cake style and flavors picked, and all of the things that will make your day shine like no other.  Allow Applause Weddings to do what we do best so you can celebrate with your loved ones…stress-free!



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