Applause Pricing

Have you already set a budget for your DJ and Videographer?  Are you also hoping for a Photobooth, or some creative Lighting?  To understand our Applause bundle pricing, please add all those together before comparing our package price.  These bundles of services are meant to combine those amounts into one vendor, saving you time and money.  All the inquiring, meeting, contracts, and paperwork is made easier when you are working with just one vendor for multiple services.

Looking for just ONE of our services?  We can do that, too!  Our pricing guide will show you all of your options.

Filling out our contact form will immediately show you our pricing guide and send a copy directly to your email.

We will use your information to follow up with you after checking our availability for your date, but we do not share your information with anyone else.  Although we can’t help but think we are the best choice, we understand if you need to say, “no thank you” – WE DON’T DO HIGH PRESSURE SALES!