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Your Ceremony in it’s Entirety

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If you’ve been pricing wedding videography services in the St. Louis area you may have found a wide range of prices and packages.  I want you to know that our package is very comprehensive and one of the things we offer is your full ceremony with the live audio.  We shoot with multiple cameras that are recording the entire length and then we edit the footage together (often to remove a passing photographer or a need to move a camera) with the separately recorded audio to produce a final version that shows everything that took place from the best possible angle that we could achieve without being obtrusive.  That last sentence is a lot to take in, so let me explain one last detail to help you understand why we think you’ll be pleased with our approach to wedding videography.  We do our very best to capture great footage without being an intrusion into your day.  Yes, there will be cameras on tripods, but only one will be at the front and at an appropriate point in the ceremony, that camera will move one time.  Occasionally we may need to make one additional move, but we strive to plan ahead well enough that we are not a distraction to your guests by constantly moving throughout your ceremony.  This is pleasing news to both our clients as well as many officiants who want the ceremony itself to remain respected by those participating.    EVERY CLIENT RECEIVES THEIR ENTIRE CEREMONY.  If you’d like to see an entire ceremony from one of the highlight clips you’ve seen on our blog, or from one of the location categories, just ask!

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