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Comparing Apples to Apples – How to shop for Videography

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Price is price, right?  Well, maybe not so much.  Videography package details vary widely from vendor to vendor.  Here are a few questions you will want to ask to make sure you are making a fair comparison:

1. How will I receive my video?  We deliver your film via Mediazilla, an online hosting platform that allows you to download or stream your films.  The great thing is you aren’t limited on how many copies you save or who you share the link with!  Everyone can enjoy all your films!

2. What will my final video actually contain?  A lot of companies will offer competitive pricing, but the end product will be a highlight clip only.  Although we love highlights, we believe that for the money you are spending, you deserve your entire ceremony as well.  And remember, not all “entire ceremonies” are created equal, either.  A single camera in the back and just one close up during the vows is all that is sometimes done to film the “entire ceremony”.  Ask to see samples to verify what you’ll be recieving.  You can email us to request a link to a full Ceremony video to preview.  In addition, you will also receive a long version of your Reception so you can view your toasts, cake cutting, specialty dances, etc. as they occurred.

3. What will my video sound like?  Music overlay is perfect for highlight clips, but what about hearing your vows, your readings at your ceremony, your toasts, and your songs during the reception?  These moments should be recorded separately (not relying on camera audio) to make the best final presentation.  We record your vows with a lapel mic on both the Groom and the Officiant, as well as a separate sound recorder at the ceremony and reception.

4. When will the filming begin and end? What is left out and why?  Your schedule for the day can be long, especially when you want your video to tell the entire story.  Clarify when your videographer(s) will start and end shooting.  It’s also a good idea to ask them if you’ve scheduled enough time for them to obtain the footage they need.  We typically start filming an hour before the Bride is scheduled to put on her dress, and we stay at the reception until we have captured most your friends and family on the dance floor.  Anything we don’t shoot is because we are experienced in getting all the footage necessary to tell your story in a creative way.  Our streamlined approach keeps our package affordable. As a courtesy to your photographer, we do not shoot over their shoulder at all of your posed photos, but instead capture several scenes at at least one of your photography locations.  

5. What is your video style/approach?  Some videography companies aim to have you star in your own cinematic masterpiece.  Even if you can afford the extra cost of this style of production, keep in mind you will be devoting more of your day to working with your videographer than anything else including photography and time with your guests.  Our approach is what we call creative documentary.  We work around your schedule (and your photographer’s plan) to capture everything in the moment, only asking for a little of your time for custom shots.

6. When Will My Video be Ready?  It seems obvious to assume that you will receive your video in a reasonable amount of time.  Maybe that’s why most people never think to ask it until after the wedding. Don’t risk celebrating an anniversary before you get to see your video, ask the timeline for completion.   We deliver your highlight video within 90 days after your wedding, with your full versions being made available as quickly as possible afterwards.

7. What’s Your Backup Plan?  Technical equipment is never fail-safe.  Having multiple sources for both video and audio is the only way to guard against loss of precious footage taken on your special day.  Our package includes redundant sources of both (meaning multiple cameras and multiple audio recordings).


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