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It Started in 1994

Over 20 years ago, a father and son started by building their own sound and lighting set up. Since then, Applause Productions has served the St. Louis wedding market with the quality, value, and hospitality that can only be found in a family business. In our mind, there is no better place for our unique skills and talents than weddings.

We’ve had the amazing opportunity to hone those skills over the past 20 years, and now to pass them along to our new team members.  It’s very exciting and we can’t wait to share them with you!  But what can you expect when you work with Applause?

Our First Wedding Video: 25 Years Ago!

3 Pillars Make Applause

the Right Choice for Your Wedding

Be flexible, but be honest

We want to hear your ideas and plans for your event, and we will do everything we can to help you achieve them. We won't make promises we can't keep.

Go above and beyond

Being a service provider means we are there to serve. We want to do that in any way we can, and exceed your expectations.

Smooth the way

The responsibility of servicing your once-in-a-lifetime event is not to something we take lightly. Redundancy in our equipment and staff, extensive staff training, hands on owners, all means you can trust that things will go smoothly.

About the Founders - John and Amanda Potter

We live and breathe weddings

From transforming our part time business into a full time job with part time associates, to constantly learning new skills and following wedding trends, around our house it’s #weddinglife all the time, and we like it that way!

Now that’s not to say we don’t have family and friends in our lives, we most certainly do all sorts of non-wedding things. We enjoy St. Louis Style Pizza and BBQ, nerdy stuff like Comic-Con, Harry Potter, and the latest Star Wars releases, video gaming, and all sorts of travel adventures.

We’d love to work with you at your wedding or next event! Contact us to get started.

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What Makes Us Unique

You may be asking yourself, how can these services really be all that different than the rest? A wedding video is just exactly what it sounds like, a video of a wedding, Right? And a DJ is a guy with speakers that plays music…. We all know the concept of each of these services, but it’s the smaller details that make the BIG differences.

Of all the services in our bundles, Wedding Videography is by far the most sought after and the most costly component, HOWEVER, in comparison with the market around us, we are providing the MOST VALUE for the investment you’ll make. The first thing you’ll want to do is compare the checklist of what we include in the package (things that most wedding videographers have on their “upgrades” list) to see the value we offer. A quick example would be the finished Full Ceremony.

Next, you’ll want to watch the wedding films.  You can stay current with all of our wedding film releases on our YouTube channel and our Facebook page.  These are not just sample videos that we chose of our best work, but these are ALL of our current wedding films.

Beyond just comparing the films themselves, you will want to know HOW the work is done. Our videographers are respectful to the process of the day by not making a spectacle of themselves during key moments. This is a key component to our approach: be as discreet as possible while still getting the great angles and footage we need to produce a beautiful wedding film for you to cherish!

Although these are easily observable, there is even more to our process that is a let less tangible! A common question is “What do you do if there’s an emergency with your staff?” Because we have always known the weight of the responsibility of being a wedding service provider, we never over-book our calendar. Think of it like “bench-warmers” – we always have extra players ready to go!

Ready to take your wedding planning to the next level?

The Question You Should Be Asking

A question that we are NEVER asked, (but should be) is, “What do you do to protect against equipment failure?” You probably assume that every wedding videographer is prepared for equipment malfunctions, but, unfortunately, not everyone has adequately addressed this possibility.

There is a saying that goes, “Two is One, and One is None.” This means that having just one shot or just one angle is risking having ZERO. That’s a HUGE risk to take with someone’s wedding film! We have multiple cameras capturing all the key moments so that regardless of card failure or camera malfunction, we would still have some usable footage. This is just one example of the extra steps we take to help protect against equipment malfunction in all of our service areas!

But Wait, There’s More!

Yes, there really is more to explain! A little known fact is that some wedding videographers don’t edit their own work. We edit every video with our team. There is a personal touch to editing your wedding film and we think the teams who were there shooting the footage are the best choice for telling the story of the day.

Another component that is so vital is having great audio! This is another area that we have multiple recording devices to protect against loss and allow us to choose the best sounding recording of your vows, toasts, and other important moments that we can use to create your wedding film.

And You’re Also a DJ Company?

That’s correct! We actually started off as a DJ company back in 1993, so we have been doing this for quite some time. You can be assured that the same principles of service that you read about in our Videography section are applied to our DJ service. We make sure we aren’t over-booked, we have backup equipment, we own all of our music. We keep our equipment up-to-date and looking great! These aren’t amateur DJ’s, they are highly trained and experienced at both the Organizational aspects and the Music aspects for Weddings.

Over the years we’ve seen the rise in hobbyist DJ’s due to the availability of music online. It’s important to understand that a wedding DJ is responsible for a lot more than just playing music! They will be the main catalyst for running the reception, and if you want it to run smoothly, you want to hire a Professional Wedding DJ.

One of the main differences we know about between us and our competitors is our attention to detail in the planning process, and our ability to execute the plan without additional oversight. You get to ENJOY THE RECEPTION while we take care of the rest.

Is it Too Good to be True?

Could it really be possible for one company to offer boutique quality services without the boutique prices? Why do we do it? The answer is simple: We love what we do and we want to keep doing it. If we charged a lot more, most of that profit would go back into marketing, so instead we offer a solid, value-packed product at an affordable cost, and let word of mouth do the rest! That savings is passed on to you.

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