The Details – What You Need to Know about Applause Productions Services

Here you will find a detailed description of each of our services:

DJ SERVICES –  Includes up to 5 hours in one location.  Premium quality Sound. Dance Floor lighting. Professional and Experienced DJ will make all needed announcements (Emcee) such as Grand Entry, Toasts, Cake Cutting, Specialty Dances.  Wireless Microphone for Toasts. Over 1 million songs, Music Library updated weekly with clean edits (no profanity). Optional fun props (nothing cheesy).  DJ will play music according to your style and the response of your guests.


1) FULL LENGTH CEREMONY – Your ceremony will be captured with 3 or more HD cameras with at least 2 operators.  Most of the time only 1 camera person will move once or twice during the ceremony so as to be respectful and not create a distraction.  Lapel mics and a professional audio recorder will be used to capture all audio from the ceremony.  The footage will be edited together with a lead-in montage of all the Pre-Ceremomy footage. The length of your ceremony will determine the length of this portion of video.

2) DOCUMENTARY STYLE RECEPTION – This is a long version of your reception and will include full length scenes of all that apply:  Grand Entry, Toasts (with audio), Cake Cutting, Specialty Dances, Bouquet/Garter toss.  The footage will be edited together with a lead-in montage of all the Pre-Recetption footage.  This is usually 45 minutes to One Hour in length.

3) HIGHLIGHTS – The video you are most used to seeing on Facebook  is what we call Highlights.  It is a condensed version of the day, has a mix of background music and audio, and tells the story of the entire day in a 5 to 7 minute timeframe.

4) ONE-MINUTE SNEAK PEAK – A series of very short clips set to background music and perfect for sharing on Instagram.

Videography Extra Info: There is no set time limit, however we will determine an appropriate start of the day time after you have an outline set for your day  We will capture the pre-ceremony footage, detail shots such as rings, flowers, and other special decor, portions of your posed portraits, pre-reception footage, reception detail shots,  the Grand Entry, Toasts with Audio (full length), Cake Cutting, Full-length specialty dances, and various clips throughout the open dance floor portion of the evening.

FISH EYE PHOTOBOOTH –  Our photobooth is open style, where your venue becomes the backdrop.  Guests will choose from fun props and pose alone or in groups.  We will print a copy for each guest in the photo on the spot!  These will be 4×6 prints with a strip at the bottom containing our company name on one side, and your name(s) and date in the middle.  You will be given a digital copy (shared online) of every photo taken and you have permission to reprint any of them.

UPLIGHTING AND MONOGRAM – Uplights are the colored lights placed around the perimeter of the room, or on columns, etc.  Our packages include 15-18 uplights and they can be set to any color your choose.  They are wireless so they go anywhere you want and they stay lit for 12 hours.  Monogram lighting is actually a small projector we can set up near the DJ equipment (or some other inconspicious spot) and project the couple’s monogram letters, or their names, or any phrase of your choosing onto a nearby wall.

CEREMONY SOUND – If the ceremony is not in the same spot as the reception, we will bring a separate set up specifically for the Ceremony.  It will include speakers and wireless microphones.  We will provide 30 minutes of pre-ceremony music, cue all your music selections, and provide mics for your officiant and anyone else needing to be heard.

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